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Issues Facing My Child

The following articles address issues our children might face such as: addiction, body image, bullying, mental health, sex & sexuality, sexual assault awareness, social media & internet safety and teen pregnancy. These educational materials are intended to provide valuable insight on these topics so that you can begin the process of understanding how to help your child deal with their specific issue.

Recent Issues Facing My Child Posts

Storybooks To Help Prevent and Address Child Sexual Abuse

We’ve been talking a lot the last few weeks here at Moms Fight Back about rape culture, sexual abuse, rape, and sexual violence. We’ve looked at what we can do to help our kids avoid being victims, as well as how to help them from the heart when… Read More

4.28.2017 / Heidi Ganahl

Download the Moms Fight Back Sexual Assault Information Handbook

In a world full of abuse, neglect and bullying, there are countless scars. The memories that these scars hold either break us down or inspire us to fight back. I for one, believe in challenging the predators that haunt us and the systems that fail us. Today, I… Read More

4.25.2017 / Heidi Ganahl

$115,544,338,886 Billion and Counting, Unpaid Child Support in America

This piece was submitted to our 100K STORIES PROJECT by Alana K. Haase. Alana has been a nurse for 27 years and a Mom for 18, you can visit her online at ALANAKHAASE.COM    $115,544,338,886.00   How did we get here? One hundred and fifteen billion, five hundred and forty-four… Read More

3.23.2017 / Heidi Ganahl


This piece was submitted to our 100K STORIES PROJECT by an anonymous writer. I got tired of the screaming, and his anger. I got tired of feeling so alone in a house full of people. I was I was scared, but knew that leaving him would be better… Read More

3.14.2017 / Heidi Ganahl

Struggling For Justice

This piece was submitted to our 100K STORIES PROJECT by an anonymous writer. In January 2011, I took a part time job at a video store in a bad area of Kansas City, Missouri. I needed this job because I was struggling as a single mom of two…. Read More

3.10.2017 / Heidi Ganahl