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Issues Facing My Family

The following articles address issues our families might face such as: child abuse prevention, family dynamics, foster care & adoption and modern parenting. These educational materials are intended to provide valuable insight on these topics so that you can begin the process of understanding how to help your family deal with specific issues.

Recent Issues Facing My Family Posts

My Teen is Sexting: What Can I Do?

If you’re the mom of a tween or teen and you’re not sure what ‘Sexting’ is it’s time to play catch up. Sexting (the sending of sexually explicit messages or images by cell phone) is a reality that’s here to stay – it’s even included in the Merriam-Webster… Read More

Fighting Against Awarding Child Custody to Abusers

The cases are too numerous to cite. Custody awards to abusive fathers. Good mothers who sought court protection for their children from their abusive parent where the preponderance of evidence was clear from confirmed hospital reports of injuries suffered from beatings and molestations only for the mothers to… Read More


Prosecuted but Not Silenced: Courtroom Reform for Sexually Abused Children

This guest post was authored and provided to Moms Fight Back by Maralee McLean.¬†In her book,¬†Prosecuted but Not Silenced: Courtroom Reform for Sexually Abused Children, Maralee McLean shares her own legal journey to protect her daughter from her ex-husband and his alleged sexual abuse. She faced barriers at… Read More

Storybooks To Help Prevent and Address Child Sexual Abuse

We’ve been talking a lot the last few weeks here at Moms Fight Back about rape culture, sexual abuse, rape, and sexual violence. We’ve looked at what we can do to help our kids avoid being victims, as well as how to help them from the heart when… Read More


Download the Moms Fight Back Sexual Assault Information Handbook

In a world full of abuse, neglect and bullying, there are countless scars. The memories that these scars hold either break us down or inspire us to fight back. I for one, believe in challenging the predators that haunt us and the systems that fail us. Today, I… Read More