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Issues Facing My Family

The following articles address issues our families might face such as: child abuse prevention, family dynamics, foster care & adoption and modern parenting. These educational materials are intended to provide valuable insight on these topics so that you can begin the process of understanding how to help your family deal with specific issues.

Recent Issues Facing My Family Posts

Colorado Lacks Regulation for Court Appointed Psychologists; PRE’s

This piece was submitted to our 100K STORIES PROJECT by an anonymous protective mom. What You Don’t Know About Who’s Involved in Your Family Law Case Can Harm You and Your Children January 2015: I remember the very first interaction with my Court appointed psychologist known as a… Read More

Chaos in Colorado

This piece was submitted to our 100K STORIES PROJECT by Alana K. Haase. Alana has been a nurse for 27 years and a Mom for 18, you can visit her online at ALANAKHAASE.COM  Julie Sykes is disabled and wheelchair bound. She is also a single mother. It was not… Read More


The ‘Stranger Danger’ Myth | Teaching Our Kids About Their Bodies and Boundaries

In generations past and into today, children have learned about the boundaries of their bodies in relation to how a ‘stranger’ might approach, touch, coerce, or force. ‘Stranger Danger’ has long been the watchword and the media shows us movies, TV segments, reports, and public service announcements focused… Read More


No Advice is Better Than Bad Advice When it Comes to Sexual Assault

68% of all sexual assaults are unreported according to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN).  One challenge to understanding the seriousness of sexual abuse in the US is the lack of accurate statistics and consistent legal definitions. Recently there has been a debate over an article… Read More

My Teen is Sexting: What Can I Do?

If you’re the mom of a tween or teen and you’re not sure what ‘Sexting’ is it’s time to play catch up. Sexting (the sending of sexually explicit messages or images by cell phone) is a reality that’s here to stay – it’s even included in the Merriam-Webster… Read More