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911 Tips

If you suspect your child or another child is being abused or neglected:

  • Only if and when it is safe to do so, talk to the child about the abuse directly.
  • Reassure the child that they are not at fault and that you believe them.
  • Report your suspicions or the child’s accusations to law enforcement immediately.
  • Provide access to a trained counselor if possible.
  • Do not contact or confront the abuser – you’ll put yourself and the abused at risk.

These are the facts...

Abuse and neglect impacts more than 37,000 children a year in Colorado. In 2011, 10,604 children were victims of abuse or neglect in Colorado, of these children, 81% were neglected, 13% were physically abused, and nearly 10% were sexually abused. Since 2007, 175 children have died in Colorado as a result of abuse or neglect.

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