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911 Tips

If your child is experiencing depression, anxiety, or mental health issues:

  • Open the lines of communication with your child about what they’re experiencing, ask ‘How can I help?’
  • Take your child to see their doctor to find out if there are medical issues that need to be addressed.
  • Take your child to speak with a trained counselor.
  • Do your homework to empower you as you advocate for your child.
  • Work with the staff and teachers at your child’s school to help create a supportive environment.

These are the facts...

Among Colorado’s high school-aged children, 24% reported feeling so sad or hopeless nearly every day for two weeks or more that they stopped engaging in their usual activities. 14.5% admitted to seriously considering suicide in the past year, 12% made a plan for suicide and nearly 7% attempted suicide at least once. Of those, 2% reported that their suicide attempt resulted in an injury, poisoning, or overdose that needed medical attention. The most common mental health issues Colorado’s younger children (ages 4-14 years old) suffer from are: anxiety (7%) and ADD / ADHD (6.4%). behavioral or conduct “problems” (3.2%), and depression (nearly 3%). Depression and mental illness are just as serious in children and youth as in adults, and are often misunderstood simply because children don’t yet have the communication skills to articulate what they are going through.

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