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911 Tips

To be a strong, loving parent in today's busy, modern society:

  • Don’t underestimate your power to influence your child’s choices.
  • Shower your kids with hugs and praise. It’s scientifically impossible to spoil a child with love!
  • Take every opportunity to get involved in your child’s interests and academics.
  • Set boundaries to help your child manage their own behavior.
  • Follow through. Whatever you tell your child you are going to do, do it.

The world is changing, our country is changing – we all sense it, especially us moms. Our children are up against some frightening things today: bullying, body image issues, school violence, drugs, internet safety and more. So what can we as moms DO to fix all this? We can do a lot – and we start by remembering that we are our kids’ first line of defense through active parenting and solid family values. Parenting is truly the toughest job on earth. We offer the following resources and information to help you navigate your role as a mom.

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