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Book Trust Puts Books in the Hands of Children in Need

Moms Fight Back is proud to feature a very special charity this month, Book Trust:

Book Trust is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower children from low-income families to choose and own books, inspiring a passion for reading and cultivating increased literacy skills and life-long learning. Access to books and reading materials is the most significant barrier to literacy. In areas of poverty, the ratio of books to children is 1 book for every 300 children, a figure contributing to the literacy gap between low-income and affluent families.

Studies prove book choice and ownership are fundamental in promoting literacy. Children who are free to choose what to read are more likely to read, and the number of books in a home has the same impact on a child’s level of educational attainment as parental education levels. The Book Trust Program provides students with the opportunity to fall in love with reading by choosing their own books and building a home library.

Today, Book Trust serves over 38,000 kids in 15 states and operates in 132 schools with high populations of low income students. In addition to providing access to books, Book Trust offers resources and support to teachers and families, helping to cultivate a love of reading in the classroom and in the home.

By providing students with the opportunity to choose and own books that they want to read, the Book Trust Program helps students to build a home library of books and fosters a life-long love of reading.

Ways to get involved:

Donate money – even $1 helps get books in the hands of the kids who need them!

Donate time – Book Trust Champions are a special group of people who share Book Trust’s mission to inspire kids’ passion for reading with the common goal of helping to spread the word about Book Trust. This volunteer opportunity has a monthly time commitment of 15 minutes to an hour, perfect for any busy schedule!

Donate books – contact Book Trust to discuss your donation directly.

Attend a Book Trust event in your area – check the calendar for upcoming event information.


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