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Recognizing Colorado’s Finest: Best Teacher Awards | #FightBackin5

One of the greatest sorrows of our time has been witnessing the breakdown of school safety – a place we used to view as a safe haven for our children. While our goal at Moms Fight Back is to inform you and inspire you to take action against the violence and negativity in your communities, we also want to encourage you and remind you to recognize an important group of influencers that are choosing the road of positivity. For today’s #FightBackin5, we want to recognize the teachers and professors who go out of their way to make a difference in their interactions with our children every day.

Teachers and professors are the soldiers of the school-day battles and they have the power to positively influence and uplift our children. They are the key ingredients in cultivating a positive school culture, inspiring our children to be upstanding citizens that respect one another, and empowering them to express their feelings and opinions responsibly. Powerful, patient and compassionate teachers who challenge our children to not take the easy road of negativity and violence are essential in keeping our kids safe and on the track of becoming productive, civically responsible adults.

Teachers are faced with a great responsibility and pressure to perform reliably and consistently in the lives of their students. As parents and students we need to recognize them for their excellence and their outstanding effort to create positive school cultures.

The Colorado State University Alumni Association is currently conducting the Best Teacher Awards. The criteria are simple and those wishing to submit a nomination simply need to fill out the online form and provide a written example of “how the teacher/professor influenced [them] in the classroom and beyond (through his/her enthusiasm, knowledge, dedication, sensitivity, creativity, etc.)

For additional information or to complete a nomination, please view the Colorado State University Best Teacher Awards Nomination Form. Nominations can be made until February 6, 2015 at 5 p.m. MST.

Best Teacher Awards | #FightBackin5 - Moms Fight Back!


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