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Colorado Heart Gallery: Helping Colorado’s Children Find Families

Did you know that November is National Adoption Month? According to the Colorado Foster Care and Adoption website 640 Colorado children have been adopted from foster care in 2015. But 288 deserving Colorado kids are still waiting for a loving family.

The Colorado Heart Gallery helps Colorado’s children find the families they need and deserve. Featuring children who currently live in Colorado and are waiting for an adoptive family to call their own the project is a collaborative effort involving volunteer photographers, the Colorado Department of Human Services, and  non-profits: The Adoption Exchange and Adopt Colorado Kids.

Featuring children of all ages, the Heart Gallery provides professional photos, engaging stories, and comprehensive information about each of the children looking for a family. Most profiles also include a short video to help give even more insight into the sweet unique characteristics of each child The site lists children along with their brothers or sisters, and in sibling groups, with the aim of keeping related children together.

While some children’s profiles happily note that they’ve “found a family” (and the Family Stories videos on the site give an inspiring peek into what life is like after adoption) many children continue to hope and wait, sometimes for years, for a family to call their own. The Heart Gallery strives to bring special attention to those children who may be harder to place simply because of their age, noting that:

Each year more than 20,000 teens will “age out” of the foster care system because they were not adopted. By the age of 24 these young adults without families will have struggled to make it on their own.

  • 40% will experience homelessness
  • 60% of males will be convicted of a crime
  • 60% will be chronically unemployed
  • 50% will experience substance abuse
  • 75% of women and 33% of men will need government assistance to survive

The main gallery online is full of Colorado children waiting for a safe and loving family to call their own. Children can also be viewed in a special display housed at the Colorado State Capitol.

To learn more about fostering and adoption in Colorado visit the Colorado Foster Care and Adoption website.


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