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Colorado Moms Tour: Dr. Laura Borgelt on the Impact of Marijuana on Kids

From our most recent Colorado Moms Tour stop: Dr. Laura Borgelt talks about the latest research on the impact of marijuana on kids and brain development, and how in Colorado, especially among our youth, there is a misconception that marijuana is OK because it’s legal now. Dr. Borgelt explains the difference between people using marijuana as medication with a prescription and kids who are intentionally impairing themselves.

Her research does show that there are some medical conditions, such as epilepsy, that medical marijuana may help – but it’s the kids who are using marijuana recreationally that see a negative impact on their learning, their memory, and their ability to make good decisions as well as changes in physical reaction time due to marijuana use.

We have a few more Colorado Moms Tour stops planned for 2016, click here to find upcoming dates and locations and RSVP to attend!



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