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Create an Internet Safety Gameplan | #FightBackin5

Do you have an Internet Safety Gameplan in place for your family? If not, make this your #FightBackin5 for today.

With the prevalence of the internet in our everyday lives and the ever-present danger of internet predators, it is important that parents communicate a set of standards with their children. By planning ahead and educating your children about the threat that strangers can pose online, you can keep your children aware and safe. This game-plan.php”>Gameplan is designed to be a tool that is used on a regular basis. One way you could introduce it to your children is in a family meeting. As you go through each rule, ask your kids for their interpretation and why they think the rule is important. Encouraging your children to interact and share ways the whole family can practice internet safety will help improve their buy-in of the Gameplan. Approach the discussion in an open and honest way. The goal is not to scare your children or to necessarily create punishments for not following the rules, but instead explain the dangers that are online and how the Gameplan will help maintain your family’s safety.

This list of 10 rules is a great starting point to establish a household Gameplan. Don’t hesitate to customize it to fit the needs of your family. The key is to have everyone understand the guidelines, sign the Gameplan and look at it on a regular occasion. As your children get older, review the Gameplan to ensure that it is relevant for their everyday use. This #FightBackin5 is not hard to implement and can help maintain our children’s innocence and safety, while ensuring the internet is used as a tool and is not abused.

Create an Internet Safety Gameplan | FightBackin5


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