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Download the Moms Fight Back eBook: The Impact of Marijuana on Kids

family-81copyThis past October 2015, I proudly launched Moms Fight Back — the same Colorado non-profit that published this eBook. Moms Fight Back is focused on providing information and resources for the most difficult issues confronting our children, our families, and our neighborhoods today – including recreational marijuana use among our youth.

I’m tired of feeling helpless as a mom here in Colorado, and now that Moms Fight Back has been out in the trenches of our neighborhoods talking to other moms, I know thousands more who feel the same way. We’re tired of not knowing how to protect our kids from the threats they face. We’re tired of feeling helpless – operating on the defense when it comes to protecting our kids. It was this awful feeling of helplessness that led me to create this awesome community of powerful and passionatmj-ebook-covere Colorado moms. My goal is for us to come together, both online and in our communities, to help our kids live safer, healthier, happier lives.

The reality for our kids today is that with legalized marijuana in Colorado, rampant casual drug use portrayed in the media, and dispensaries right around the corner from their schools, they are confused and uncertain about what’s ok and what’s not, what is healthy and what’s not. The media, the law, increased use among their peers, have all blurred the lines for kids who previously never would have even considered using marijuana.

A lot has changed for our kids in the last few years – but one thing remains the same – moms matter – we are the first line of defense for our kids on all fronts, and Moms Fight Back is positioned to help bring us together, to strengthen us, and to help us find the resources and support we need to be better parents, and protect our families.

My hope is that the simple collection of information and resources around marijuana use can help you and other moms here in Colorado prevent recreational marijuana use among our kids and protect them from the sabotage of addiction.

All of the tools you need to be a part of the solution are here in this eBook. Thank you for making them your own.

To download your copy of our free eBook: The Impact of Marijuana on Kids (and what moms can do about it) ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS HERE. If you are already on our list, you will receive a link to download directly in your email.

Fighting for our kids,

Heidi Ganahl

Founder, Moms Fight Back


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