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Download the Moms Fight Back Back-to-School Safety eBook!

How was your summer break, mom? 

Chances are, you worked as hard as always preparing for the new school year, just like I did. Because that’s what we do. We’re moms!

So let’s see, we’ve checked off nearly every item on this year’s back-to-school to-do list:

  • Pencils, glue sticks, loose leaf paper, pink pearl erasers (check!)
  • Shoes and socks, jackets, backpacks, and lunchboxes (check!)
  • We’ve sorted out transportation, walking routes, carpools, bus tokens, and bike paths (check!)
Grocery lists for the first week’s lunches are already coming together and we’ve signed the last of the paperwork for school field trips and photos (check!)

It’s a lot of work getting our kids ready to go back to school, and it’s an exciting time for kids and moms alike as our children look forward to reconnecting with their friends and we look forward to just a few more minutes to linger over coffee or conversation in the mornings.

In all of those checklists and to do’s though, there’s one thing missing:
 back-to-school safety.

Heidi Ganahl and daughter ToriI’ve been a mom for over 20 years, my daughter Tori is off for her junior year of college this year, and my littles are just getting started with their school days – Hollie is in first grade and twins Jack and Jenna are in preschool.

I’ll admit that I worry about my kids’ safety when they’re at school like never before. We’ve always trusted that school was a safe place for our kids to learn and grow, but that’s changed in ways I sometimes can’t even fathom. It’s been 16 years since the tragedy at Columbine, and I still don’t feel good about dropping my kids off at school. In 80% of all school violence episodes, the attacker told someone or posted on social media… and no one stopped it. Tell your kids: If they see something, say something.

I’m not advocating fear here because fear isn’t productive, but information and awareness are. That’s why I’ve prepared the Back to School Safety eBook to help make going back to school a gentler, safer experience for you and your children. I hope that even just one of the tips I’ve shared helps alleviate a little of your anxiety as a parent, by empowering you and your kids, and creating a safer back to school experience for everyone.

To download your own copy of our free Back-to-School Safety eBook enter your email address here.MFB School Safety eBook cover

If you’d like more resources and information about school safety, bullying, youth violence prevention, or anything else that concerns you as a mom, please make theMoms Fight Back website your first stop; this is where we tackle the issues only a mom is brave enough to take on.

Here’s to a happy, safe, and productive school year!


Heidi Ganahl

Founder, Moms Fight Back


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