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Heidi pro on bridge city backIn a world full of abuse, neglect and bullying, there are countless scars. The memories that these scars hold either break us down or inspire us to fight back. I for one, believe in challenging the predators that haunt us and the systems that fail us.

Today, I share with you the story of what our family went through and the realizations that pushed me to start Moms Fight Back.

There have been many challenging events in my life that have influenced me to become the person I am today. The loss of my first husband, a five-year custody battle over my daughter with my second husband who struggled with addiction, infertility in later years and the struggles of building a business as a single mom before I met my current husband.

But the reason I started Moms Fight Back dates back to my daughter’s senior year of high school. My daughter, a sweet, beautiful girl who was a model student, was sexually assaulted by a boy she had known since middle school. With the physical signs to prove her story, and months of intense interviews, the District Attorney (D.A.) told us they would not take on our case. They weren’t completely positive they could win the case since she knew him, and because there was alcohol at the party where it happened. Never mind the fact that 70% of sexual assaults involving teenagers involve alcohol, and 68% involve someone the victim knows.The popular athlete was never brought to trial – even though he admitted

The popular athlete was never brought to trial – even though he admitted he hurt her in a text message the day after the assault. To see my daughter endure the sexual assault and then to be treated so poorly by the local Sheriff and D.A. left me heartbroken and mad. We did everything you are supposed to do. Got the SANE exam, cooperated with law enforcement including interview after interview after interview. She tolerated cyberbullying from him and his friends, she had to face him at school (they did not follow Title 9 guidelines), at social events, and had to deal with all of this in the final months of her senior year as she was supposed to be focused on her new life after high school.I later found out the chances of the DA pressing charges are very

I later found out the chances of the DA pressing charges are very small, and prosecution of teen sexual assault? About 2% nationally. I had no idea it was that much of a long shot to see justice – not many of us do. I couldn’t stop wondering who is really looking out for our kids? I came to the conclusion that our government, our politicians, our schools, our local law enforcement – they aren’t the first line of defense. I realized that WE are. Moms are the first line of defense. I started Moms Fight Back because of my love for my daughter and my exasperation with the ineffective systems that are supposed to protect us. Rallying for the support of moms around the world, my goal is to encourage, educate and empower moms to stand up for their children. We may not be soldiers on the front lines, but we are soldiers nonetheless, fighting for our children’s lives; fighting to keep our kids healthy, sane, happy and safe.

sainfohandbook_r1_c1This eBook is designed to give you, as a mom, information about and insight into how to protect your kids from sexual assault, and what to do when it happens. While sexual assault, rape, and sexual abuse can occur in many varied circumstances it would be impossible to touch on and address every possible scenario in this short format. To that end, the main focus is on helping you create an umbrella of protection and prevention for your child through information and resources.

To download your own copy of our free Sexual Assault Information Handbook ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS HERE.

If you’d like more resources and information about sexual assault, date rape, teen sexuality, teen pregnancy, or anything else that concerns you as a mom, please make theMoms Fight Back website your first stop; this is where we tackle the issues only a mom is brave enough to take on!

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Heidi Ganahl
Founder, Moms Fight Back


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