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Free Download – Generation Smartphone: #FightBackin5

According to the PewResearch Internet Project, 78% of teens have a cell phone and 47% of those own smartphones.

When faced with the decision of whether your child is ready for a cell phone or not, you may feel the need for informed advice. This #FightBackin5 features a free download that you can use to find the answers you need.

Authored by LookOut and The Online Mom, the Generation Smartphone: A Guide for Parents of Tweens + Teens will provide information on the following:

  • Facts on smartphones and its role in families
  • 4 questions to ask yourself to determine if your child is ready for a mobile phone
  • 7 things to do when you get your child a mobile phone
  • The smartphone family meeting and what to discuss
  • How to spot and handle bad phone behavior
  • 4 ways to build responsibility and your relationship with mobile phones
  • Good smartphone care and “feeding”
  • About Lookout – the smartphone safety and security app
  • Printable phone rules agreement

Filled with interesting facts and engaging infographics, this guide is the perfect tool to help you approach the many decisions that come with children having a cell phone or smartphone. If you’re looking to feel empowered to make an informed decision for your family, download the guide today!

Free Download - Generation Smartphone: #FightBackin5


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