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Help Kids Play Smart and Play Safe Online | #FightBackin5

For today’s #FightBackin5, we wanted to share with you a free download created for parents and children by the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and Microsoft to promote healthy and balanced media use – helping kids to play safe online. This download is a tool called the PACT and it explains that with parental guidance, your children can enjoy various entertainment as a balanced part of their education and development. The goal is to “encourage families to make a PACT — to decide on what types of media are appropriate for each child and where, when, and how your child may use them.”

With the PACT, you can help your family decide upon:

Parental involvement: Who will set the guidelines?

Access: With whom can your child interact with while online?

Content: What games and videos can your child use, based on ratings and content?

Time: When and how long can your child use a console, TV, or computer?

The purpose of setting these guidelines is to promote healthy habits whether your kids are playing computer games, watching television or are on the internet. The PACT is a free download and is formatted as a contract that you and your children can walk through together. Tips are provided on certain gaming and computer systems. The PACT serves as a great way for you to continue the conversation with your kids about safe and smart habits when they are watching shows, playing games or surfing the internet.

Help Kids Play Smart and Play Safe Online | #FightBackin5


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