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Mother & Child American Atrocity


This post was submitted to our 100K Stories Project by Patricia Mitchell, founder of Patricia’s Children, a non-profit organization devoted to empowering children and parents who have become unjustly separated.

A Regretful Visit

Patricia had just discovered that the father of her unborn child (‘Sonny’ aka Brian, aka Paul Bonsell) was a fraud, and she left him. With Patricia’s things in storage in New York City, and nine months pregnant, she made a regretful visit to her estranged family’s house in northern Michigan, where she had never lived. At nine months pregnant, Patricia discovered that the father of her unborn child, was violent, a chronic alcoholic, smoked pot daily, had three fake ID’s, and an extensive criminal record in three states. Bonsell met Patricia at a festival out west. He turned out to be a con artist who conned Patricia into giving him her bank savings, conned her to believe he was from wealth and that he was one of the top ten engineers in the country.

Her visit to Michigan coincided with her younger estranged sister Carolyn Spencer being hired as a Family First caseworker, an affiliate to Children Protective Services.  At the time Patricia Mitchell met Bonsell she was a successful fashion model, appearing in magazines, TV and film, she lived and worked in more than seven countries in Europe, and was a classically trained actress, based & working in New York City for more than ten years.


Patricia Mitchell/Actress

Successful Beginnings

Patricia achieved an impressive level of success in New York City, and was recognized by the public, appearing in hundreds of society and social magazines. Patricia Mitchell was dubbed by the New York City media as a “Hampton Classic.”   Patricia was seen weekly among high society in New York City, at opera’s, benefits, black ties, and charity events of all kinds.


‘Patricia Mitchell’ known as a “Hampton Classic” to New Yorker’s high society.

Patricia achieved her academic and career success without the help or support from anyone in her opposing family.  She holds a BA in Communications and received an English Minor from the UK’s prestigious school, King’s College. She also attended the exclusively distinguished “Colorado College” in Colo. Springs, before receiving a four year degree in two and half years.


Patricia & Christophe Von Hohenberg, her long time NYC boyfriend

Opposing and Combating Family Members

At the time Patricia made this self-effacing visit to her estranged family, there was hostility between herself and her family members, primarily her mother that had been fuming since her early childhood. Her mother’s (Virgline Mitchell) hostility became obsessive when Patricia’s showed signs of success, traveling overseas and attended prestigious colleges. To speak candidly, Patricia did not smoke, drink or do drugs. She was an avid reader, reading the newspaper, and always reading a book.  Her proper manners, thoughtful speech, morals and characteristics were opposite of everyone in Patricia’s family. There was a stark contrast between Patricia’s demeanor, and her family’s misinformed, rural, aggressive, and uncultured behavior.


Patricia and her nephew, (Patricia kept a loving relationship with her young nephews, although she had little contact with her siblings, & parents.)

Her parents’ favorite pastime was going to casinos and watching TV, and they shunned Patricia’s ambition. Her mother and siblings would often say, “You think you are better than us,” yet Patricia went out of her way to allow her estranged family members to feel important.  She sent boxes of designer clothes twice a year to her sisters and her mother. However, her mother had not called Patricia once after she left home, not at holidays or birthdays; it was Patricia who initiated all correspondence with her family members. Patricia believed perhaps naively that the dysfunction within this family would subside, being she was an expectant mother, and have compassion for the sake of her unborn child.

Virgline Mitchell

Virgiline Mitchell “Virg”

Within an hour of the visit her mother Virgline challenged Patricia, pressing to provoke a reaction from her.  Virgline claimed items from Patricia’s personal belongings, and then offered them to her younger sister Carolyn Spencer.  Recognizing Virg’s attempt to cause conflict Patricia turned the other way, and let her sister take several of Patricia’s personal belongings. Shortly after Virgline said, “I will take you down to social services to get you food stamps, but you are not eating our food, you are not eating here.” Virgline continued and told Patricia that she had just sold Patricia’s new Couture sable mink coat worth $9500, for $200, without Patricia’s permission. Virgline laughed, and said she “used the money to go gambling.”  While Virgline had a right not to offer food to her daughter, Virgline did not have the right to steal Patricia’s valuable belongings and sell them. Patricia pleaded to Virg tell her where and whom she sold it to so she could buy it back, Virg refused. The next day Virgline physically attacked Patricia with an iron fire poker.  Virg demanded that ‘Jim’ Patricia’s dad, “get her, get her Jim get her good,” which meant physically attack her.


Carolyn Spencer Patricia’s sister Family First case worker

Patricia had brought her dog and two of her puppies with her and marked out a small area in their basement for her dog and puppies to sleep. One of the puppies peed off the papers, on the concrete basement floor. Virgiline used a fire poker as weapon repeatedly against Patricia, and her unborn child, and the puppies, Virgline was screaming, “I going to kill them, I’m going to kill them!”  Patricia screeched, “You are going to hurt the baby.” Only inches away and right into Patricia’s eyes, Virg said “SO?”  Virgline then swung the iron rod at Patricia just missing her very pregnant belly. Her father Jim Mitchell Sr. slugged Patricia in the face over and over again with his fist, supporting his wife’s irrational fury.   Patricia took her dog and the two puppies and ran into the neighbor’s home in terror without knocking, literally running for her and her unborn child’s life. Note the neighbor was home; Dr. Carl Ander and is a witness to this violent attack on Patricia and her unborn child, by both her Parents. Patricia regretfully did not press charges, nor did Patricia contact the police.

Both Patricia’s parents have a long history of violence and criminality. Patricia’s Aunt Bonnie Mitchell stated: “Virgline was violently attacking your dad at 16 years old, she has been this way her whole life, always using weapons, like her purse or a lamp to attack Jim.”  Unfortunately Patricia’s siblings kept Virgline and Jim Mitchell’s violent assaults and scamming endeavors hidden from others, out of shame.

Patricia knew no one from the rural town where her family members resided. Furthermore, the father of her child, “Sonny” aka “Brian” real name Paul Bonsell followed Patricia to this rural town in an effort to seek custody of their unborn child.

Patricia Mitchell appeared in hundreds of magazines.

About Patricia’s Siblings

Although Patricia saw her sister Kathy Aguer only three times over 15 years prior to these events, Kathy was eager to contribute to the assaults on Patricia’s character. Kathy Aguer has struggled chronically with alcoholism, cocaine and cigarette smoking for 30 years. At a drop of a hat Kathy can become violently irrational; she also physically abused her husband. Kathy is in denial of her substance abuse and believes she keeps it a secret. However, in 2012 her husband left Kathy Aguer and checked into a Rehab for his 30 year addiction to hard drugs.

img122 copy

Kathy Aguer, Patricia’s older sister, left home when Patricia was 16, moved out of State, virtually little to no contact with Patricia since she moved out west.

Yet Kathy wrote letters to Carolyn colleagues at CPS, based on her delusional perspective of Patricia’s success in NYC, claiming that Patricia must be “doing something illegal,” and that she did not believe Patricia was a fashion model, and believed Patricia had a mental illness. It is not surprising that Kathy’s only son AJ Aguer has DUI’s and is a registered sex offender, all at the age of 21.  Jim Mitchell JR., smokes pot and drinks beer daily, did not go to College, and has rarely held a job, yet his wife joined in on the attacks against Patricia, although she knew little to nothing about her.

Patricia’s younger sister Carolyn Spencer grew up in the shadow of Patricia’s achievements. Carolyn is envious and holds deep resentment towards her sister Patricia. And like Virg, goes out of her way to spread vicious rumors about Patricia. Carolyn is short, overweight, and has followed in Virgline’s footsteps, with no moral compass, siding with Virgline’s unfounded hatred towards Patricia.

Carolyn Spencer is married to Alvin Spencer, and at the time of these tragic events Alvin was a bartender at Grand Traverse Resort and sold cocaine on the side. One month before Patricia’s fateful visit to northern Michigan her father retired, offering Alvin Spencer his 35 years of clients at Merrill Lynch.   Overnight Alvin Spencer went from a bar tender/ cocaine dealer to a stockbroker.  Alvin faked his way up the ladder of success, yet has maintained his belligerent thug life.

Family with a Long History of Abuse

Virgiline’s bizarre behavior towards Patricia began when Patricia was diagnosed with a congenital deformed hip at the age two, requiring years of surgery, body and leg casts, and steel bars on her legs. Virgline said shamelessly out loud when Patricia was a toddler, “I am not having a crippled child. I wouldn’t have it.” 


Patricia living in the Hospital

Later Virgline admitted to Patricia that she resented two year old Patricia for “taking her away from her two children and her new husband.”  Virgiline would leave Patricia months at a time in a city hospital miles away from their home.

Virgiline somehow felt justified exhibiting freakish acts of cruelty towards Patricia during her entire childhood, extending her acts of viciousness to this day.  Although Virgline never called or contacted Patricia after she left home at 17, Virgline called Patricia’s friends, workplace, and landlords in New York ‘warning’ them about her. Patricia’s friends informed Patricia that someone called them “claiming to be your mom, trying to warn me about you.”


img114 copy 2

Patricia in a leg/body cast from 2 to 4 years old.

Virgline had started several false rumors about Patricia to her relatives and friends that had not a corneal of truth to them. This attempt to sabotage did not work, it revealed to Patricia’s friends that Patricia’s mother had no boundaries and made then realize Patricia’s silent pain.

On Patricia’s 21st birthday, Virgline Mitchell informed Patricia that she had used Patricia’s Social Security number for an elective surgery, and then proceeded to blame the deed on her husband, Patricia’s father.  Patricia was shocked and confused, but ever trying to appease, she responded to this crime by saying, “Well that’s OK, I won’t be buying a house anytime soon.”  Virgiline would often condemn Patricia’s eager to APPEASE and please, attitude by saying “You are so gullible, and dumb!”    When Patricia’s longtime boyfriend met Virgline for the first time he immediately said to Patricia “That is not your mother.” Another friend said to Patricia “I have never been in the presence of raw hatred like your mother.” Patricia’s father, James T Mitchell Sr, openly expressed, “How could one’s own mother be so envious and hateful towards their own daughter?”img115

Unfortunately, James Mitchell Sr. was a pawn for Virgline’s destructive deeds. James blindly would do what Virgline would ask him to do, even if it was morally wrong. To say there is hatred and hostility within this family unit is an understatement.  Patricia responded by keeping distance, being kind, offering advice, support, sending gifts, cards, money, boxes of clothes, expensive handbags, to both estranged sisters and her mother.  Patricia learned too late, that her appeasing manner rubbed her family members the wrong way.  They apparently viewed Patricia’s kindness as arrogant and condescending.

Patricia Mitchell was severely abused as a child by her deeply disturbed mother Virgline Mitchell. Patricia’s 6th grade gym teachers performed an intervention in behalf of Patricia. Patricia weighed 43 lbs. in the 6th grade, was skin and bones, her body decimated, the hair on her arms and legs were elongated, a result of severe malnutrition, and bruises covered her wrists and arms.  Like many children Patricia kept Virgline’s tortuous cruelty hidden from her teachers and friends.  Nevertheless, Patricia was a survivor and viewed school curriculum as her salvation.

In High School Patricia became a Cheerleader, member of Home Coming Court, Vice President of her Class, Treasury of her Class, on Ski Team, Michigan’s State Champion in Children’s Story Telling, a ski coach for Special Olympics, member of Nelson Curtis Dance Studio, Miss Teen Michigan runner up, a member of the nationally acclaimed singing & dancing group ‘The Young Americans.’


Patricia Mitchell Miss Teen Michigan 1st runners up.


Patricia in pink, knelling with her arm around the little girl: Back Stage as a ‘Young American’ at American Musical School of Arts

In College she starred in Musicals and Directed, Choreographed and cast a Rock Opera receiving a standing ovation every night.  Patricia was involved with her Church, (a church that her family members did not attend) For a time, Patricia’s best friend was Sister Rose, Patricia and Sister Rose would wake up early on Saturday go down to Detroit and serve meals at the soup kitchen.  Patricia accomplished all these achievements independently, without the support from anyone in her family, and with considerable resistance from Virgline, who would intervene in bizarre ways attempting to prevent Patricia’s from furthering her goals.

After Family First case worker/sister Carolyn Spencer opened a CPS file against Patricia, Patricia was not allowed to leave the county, so she got an apartment and got a job and walked to work, five days a week. Below is Patricia’s & her baby Jasish’s Apartment, in Traverse City.


Patricia’s Apartment with her baby, Jasiah Rose


Patricia and Jasiah’s Apartment in Traverse City


Jasiah home with her mother in their apartment.

Extreme Acts of Cruelty taking their envious hatred too far…

When Patricia’s baby ‘Jasiah,’was about 8 months old and on an unexpected Monday morning Patricia was informed by a CPS caseworker, Kathy Prichard (a disheveled older hippy woman who chain smoked, who had just spent the weekend with Paul Bonsell at his girlfriend’s residence and admitted to Patricia & CPS) that Judge Powers signed over custody in the hallway of the courts (with only two caseworkers present) to the father, “Sonny” Paul Bonsell without a Hearing or Session. Bonsell who lived in a 1958 disheveled, gutted out school bus, with no electric and no water; a man who was a 10th grade dropout, a chronic alcoholic, and who had a 37 page violent criminal record. To make matters even worse, the bus resided on the property on a twice convicted sex offender Don Nelson, who lived in a trailer next to the bus. Nelson was on probation at the time Bonsell received full custody of Patricia’s baby.


BONSELL’S BUS his RESIDENCE. Children Protective Services ‘CPS’ placed Patricia’s child in this bus, after they took the child from her safe home/bed & from her mothers arms. This Bus resided on the property of twice Convicted Sex Offender Don Nelson.

The only factor that allowed this unthinkable placement of a child was Carolyn Spencer’s and Virgline Mitchell’s insistence to CPS caseworkers that the child should be placed with the father. Bonsell lived with the twice-convicted sex offender, Don Nelson, who was on probation at the time this child was ordered by CPS to live on Nelson’s property and in that life-threatening environment. Nelson’s probation stated “NO Contact with Children.” In anguish Patricia fell to her knees in court several times, pleading to the Judge to take her little baby out of that environment. Virgline was in the court room, and from a distance looked straight at Patricia and gave a wicked smile. The Chief Prosecutor interrupted Patricia’s pleas by stating, “Your Honor we are aware of the situation and CPS has been out there repeatedly, we are keeping a close eye on everything.” Virgline could be seen in the courtroom snorting, as trying hard not to laugh.


Jasiah in the BUS, In fear.

It should be noted; that Bonsell’s character was similar to Patricia’s Family members, so there was a common denominator between Bonsell and Alvin & Carolyn Spencer and Virgline, unlike there was to Patricia.  As well as the CPS workers and Court officials in that rural town, they drank and smoked nightly and were not uneducated, unlike Patricia.

Despite Patricia’s impressive credentials, her sister Carolyn Spencer, now a Family First/ Children’s Protective Services employee, along with Virgline, were able to cast doubt on Patricia’s flawless reputation for one purpose: to have Patricia’s parental rights terminated.

Patricia’s mother and sister were fully responsible for petitioning CPS Courts with deceptive motives, that Patricia should not be a parent due to her “modeling life style.” Neither gave valid reasons, but instead gave vague and generalized statements, like “Patricia lived all over the world, so she doesn’t get to be a parent too.”


Jasiah’s Bedroom in Bus. Lower right is a play-pin that served as Jasiah’s Bed in the Bus, the father cut out a hole so she could crawl around in this Bus/ his residence.


Baby Jasiah in the BUS, taken from her mother, forced by law to live in this inconceivable life threatening environment

CPS Petitions

The First Petition against Patricia was based on a DUI she received.  Prior to this DUI, Patricia had never even had so much as a traffic ticket, and no criminal record. But after the DUI, Carolyn Spencer and Virgline contacted CPS (Carolyn’s colleagues) fraudulently implying substance abuse and even a mental illness. These accusations had no foundation and were dismissed.

The Second Petition transpired after Sonny Bonsell called Patricia at midnight repeatedly drunk from a local bar. Patricia left her phone off the hook so she and her baby could sleep, Bonsell became angry and called Carolyn Spencer and Kathy Prichard the CPS case worker, whom Bonsell was friends with, and proceeded to tell them that “Patricia told him that she was going to throw her baby in the river.”  At 1:30am the case worker and Carolyn bombarded Patricia’s apartment waking both Patricia and her baby.  They demanded to take Patricia’s baby, not knowing why and what was said, Patricia called the police.  The Officer was in favor of Patricia and her baby, but suggested to calm everyone down, that it might be good to let the baby spend the night at your sister’s house. Patricia reluctantly agreed, however the next day CPS ordered Patricia’s baby to go into foster care.  After three weeks it was discovered that there was no truth to the outlandish allegations towards Patricia. The Petition was dismissed.

The Third Petition derived after Bonsell saw Patricia out at 8:00pm with her boss. Sonny called Carolyn Spencer and the case worker and deceitfully told them that “Patricia left the Baby by herself.”  Although Patricia had a 19 year old babysitter, the case worker demanded to take the child. This Petition claimed Patricia left the child without supervision. After the babysitter called CPS and told them that she indeed was babysitting the child that night, CPS proceeded to change the petition to “the mother left her child with a 12 year old child, without proper supervision” Which again was not true, the babysitter was 19 years old.  The babysitter went to CPS and showed her ID, even after CPS knew the facts they never changed the petition, but simply dismissed it.

All three petitions were dismissed and the child returned to mother, Patricia. But one week later, CPS placed Patricia’s child with Bonsell. By using general terminology like ‘the mother had three CPS petitions filed against her.” And with her own mother and envious sister against this mother, Patricia did not stand a chance. And later, these same petitions that were dismissed and proven false were used as evidence against Patricia to terminate her parental rights. After a year and half of Patricia and her child being terrorized by her sister, her mother and Bonsell, it became clear to Traverse City Courts and everyone involved, that Carolyn Spencer, Virgline Mitchell and Bonsell were not acting in the best interests of the child.


Property of twice convicted sex offender Don Nelson where CPS placed Jasiah Rose, Patricia Mitchell’s Baby

img212 copy

“Sonny” Paul Bonsell. father of the child. con-artist, history of criminality, violence, & chronic substance abuse.

 In an unprecedented move, the Circuit Court Judge assigned the assistant prosecutor Lynn Buday in favor of the mother Patricia, against Carolyn’s and Virgline’s relentless demands to give Patricia’s beloved baby to the father of her child. Buday filed an Appearance Representing the mother as the ‘Fit’ parent to receive full custody. Buday represented Patricia in her Reverse Custody Trial against Bonsell that lasted five full days; on the fifth Patricia won her child back.

Carolyn Spencer enraged, stormed out of the courtroom and came back shortly with an attorney to intervene before the Magistrate made a Ruling. The persistence of Carolyn and Virgline overwhelmed this small town’s over-booked courts. It was at that time the Assistant Prosecutor Lynn Buday threw up her arms and froze all the proceedings, including not honoring Patricia’s and Bonsell’s Court Order Visitations.

CPS NEVER removed Patricia’s beloved child from this hazardous environment, the bus, the sex offender or the violent father. Carolyn Spencer, as a caseworker of Family First, insisted to her CPS colleagues that the child “was better off with the father than Patricia.” Therefore, Carolyn Spencer abused her authority as a spiteful way to become ‘better than Patti,” using Patricia’s child as weapon against Patricia. (NOTE: It was Patricia who filed a Motion Independently in pro-bono that removed her child from that bus, Don Nelson and Bonsell.  Patricia filed a Motion Pleading with the Magistrate to place her child into ‘Neutral Territory,’ with the grandparents, during the five day Proceedings. Later this Fact was intentionally overlooked, when Patricia Filed a Motion to Withdraw from her Motion to place her child into ‘Neutral Territory’ with the grandparents. After, the grandparents refused both parents Court Ordered Visitations, and left the State with their child.


Patricia at her Baby Shower, given by a compassionate adult. No-one from her family.

There is gross indisputable evidence that suggests that both Carolyn Spencer and Virgline Mitchell used Patricia’s child with malicious cruelty as a weapon against her, not acting in the best interest of her child and without considering the well-being of the child.

Notably, it was eventually identified by CPS caseworkers themselves that there were TWO UNPRECEDENTED DEVELOPMENTS in Patricia Mitchell’s CPS case that had never occurred in Traverse City Courts.

#1. An Unprecedented failure from the Jurisdiction System: Traverse City CPS Courts announced that a parent had never lost custody of a child WITHOUT a Hearing. This was the first time in the CPS Grand Traverse court’s history that this had happened.  Mother Patricia Mitchell lost custody of her child to the UNFIT father Bonsell, WITHOUT a HEARING, WITHOUT a SESSION, without evidence against or supportive of Patricia, but through the sole recommendations of her sister and Family First caseworker, Carolyn Spencer. The Courts never heard about the character and criminal history of the father nor about the lifestyle he lived.

#2. Using the Court System to produce unprecedented Acts of Cruelty against a Family Member:  Patricia was told by several State Officials that Michigan Courts had never experienced a family that hired an attorney for the purpose of placing a family member (a toddler who was deeply loved and wanted by her healthy/capable mother) into State Custody. In this case, the grandparents, Virgline and Jim Mitchell, and aunt and uncle, Carolyn and Alvin Spencer, hired an attorney to place their grandchild/niece into State Custody, with the intentions of adopting the child out permanently.


What led Assistant Prosecutor Lynn Buday to DESTROY TRANSCRIPTS from an entire FIVE DAY TRIAL?

After the two convicts, Bonsell and Nelson, picked up Patricia’s baby at the police station where Patricia was being held for not returning her child to Bonsell. (Nelson drove Bonsell to the police station, due to Bonsells driver license being revolt due to numerous DUI’s) Child Protective Services and Traverse City Courts placed the child back in the school bus, and forced by law to live with the two convicts. Patricia appealed to the most powerful person in town, Dean Robb, a renowned civil rights attorney, for help. Robb’s son Blaire, a private investigator, took photos of the conditions that Patricia’s child was forced to endure.  A couple of days later in front of Patricia, Dean Robb called the Judge and said candidly, “What the hell is going on over there?”  The next day this same Circuit Judge assigned attorney David Clarke to defend Patricia Mitchell.  But on the first day of the Hearing and prior to the proceedings in court, Assistant Prosecutor Lynn Buday dismissed Clarke.  In an unprecedented move, the Assistant Prosecutor Lynn Buday Filed ‘a Motion on behalf of the mother Patricia Mitchell, and notified all parties by mail that Buday was Representing the mother as the “FIT parent” to receive Full custody of the child at the Reverse Custody Trial.’ see Doc #________________.

It is unheard of for a Prosecutor or Assistant Prosecutor to file an appearance to represent a parent in a custody battle. This unprecedented act reveals and affirms that the Traverse City Courts recognized the acute ill intentions of caseworker/sister Carolyn Spencer and Patricia’s mother Virgline Mitchell, who were deliberately placing Patricia’s baby in a harmful environment.  Carolyn Spencer used her position to influence CPS Courts as an act of defiance towards her sister, allowing the father to receive full custody, clearly not acting in the best interests of the child.

Every morning before the Reverse Custody Proceedings, Patricia Mitchell met with Assistant Prosecutor Lynn Buday at the Prosecutor’s office to discuss what they were going to do that day in court.   Assistant Prosecutor Lynn Buday argued against Bonsell’s attorney and the ‘Guardian of Light’ for seven hours a day, for one week, at Patricia’s Reverse Custody trial. On the last day of the proceedings, Patricia Mitchell was winning back custody of her child by a landslide.  As the final remarks were being heard, Carolyn Spencer stormed out of the court room and came back with Attorney Debra Lynch who interrupted the afternoon proceedings by filing a MOTION with the Magistrate to “Intervene.”  This Intervention was requesting that Patricia Mitchell’s child become a ward of the State.  It was the child’s own grandmother, Virgline Mitchell, and her aunt, Carolyn Spencer, who hired this attorney. Attorney Debra Lynch’s opening statement was, “These folks do not want to raise this child, and they only want the child, to be adopted out into a nice family.”

*Usually what happens if a family member is concerned about a child in their extended family, such as a grandchild or niece, they file a Motion in the Family Courts to gain custody of the child as an act to secure the child’s safety. This is NOT what happened in this case.  Moreover, the mother of the child, Patricia Mitchell, a successful individual in her own right with a solid history of high achievements, was perfectly healthy, loving, capable and eager to raise her beloved child.


This is Jasiah with her mother. Confident, loved, safe and smart, during the peaceful months when Bonsell was in jail, and family members left the mother & child alone due to PPO’s.  BEFORE she was taken into State Custody.

It should also be noted, that as soon as Carolyn Spencer succeeded in placing Patricia’s child in State Custody, by manipulating the court system as a means to sabotage Patricia and her child’s life, she then registered herself as a Foster Parent to care for Patricia’s child, so that she and her husband would receive $900 a month from the State. One month later, Spencer registered Jasiah as a “Special Needs” child to receive a higher amount for her care of the child, insisting on several unnecessary “Elective Surgeries” on this child’s “Hemangioma” a common birthmark.  “Special Needs” children in ‘foster care’ receive more money from the State. The Spencer’s monthly foster care pay went up significantly from $900 to $1,600 a month.   After the label ‘Special Needs’ was placed on this perfectly healthy toddler, Jasiah was then forced to undergo more than four unnecessary surgeries. The Spencer’s refused Patricia all contact with her child, and they even refused Patricia’s weekly gifts to her child. Furthermore, after a couple of years of unnecessary surgeries, and to assure the higher monthly paychecks to the Spencer’s home, they then unnecessarily held Jasiah back one year in the first grade, so they could continue to claim “Special Needs” checks.  Yet when Jasiah was with her mother at the age of two, Jasiah already knew her ABCs and could read several words in her toddler books. The photo above is Jasiah BEFORE.  This child lost 4 lbs in 4 months under care of Virg Mitchell & Carolyn Spencer, Jasish was covered with hundreds of inflamed and untreated of bug bites with terror in her eyes.


Only after a host of Grievances, Gross Misconduct, Obstructions of Justice, Severe Negligence, Conflict of Interests, Significant Errors, and numerous Court, State, Local and Federal violations were Carolyn Spencer and Virgline Mitchell successful at placing Patricia’s child into State Custody.

Below is a multitude of CPS violations, and more then 22 Court, State, Local, Civil, Constitutional, and Federal rules and laws that were violated in this case. With host of Grievances, Gross Misconduct, Obstructions of Justice, Severe Negligence, Conflict of Interests, and Significant Errors; which led to the termination of Patricia Mitchell’s parental rights. Coupled with undeniable evidence illustrating what was behind this massive miscarriage of justice. Because of these violations Patricia Mitchell was robbed of a life with her daughter.

The Magnitude of Injustices below are written out for….

To plea to the Governor of Michigan ___________ Requesting/Praying to “PARDON” (mother) MS Patricia Mitchell -OR- Requesting/Pleading/Praying to DISMISS the unlawful Trial that unjustly terminated Patricia Mitchell’s parental rights; due to the “Gross Misconduct, Severe Gross Negligence, Significant Errors, Malicious Misconduct, Obstruction of Justice and two Conflicts of Interests.  These unjust deeds were present/evident/prevalent throughout this Trial. 

#1 TRANSCRIPTS DESTROYEDAfter Patricia Mitchell unjustly lost her parental rights, she requested the Reverse Custody Transcripts from the 5-day Trial,  the Trial that Assistant Prosecutor Lynn Buday “Filed an Appearance in behalf of Patricia Mitchell” in Traverse City Circuit Court. The Grand Traverse County Courts priced the transcripts at $2,500. MS Mitchell agreed to pay. Five minutes later Traverse City Circuit Court called back Mitchell to tell her “the Reverse Custody Trial transcripts had been lost.”  Ten minutes later, Traverse City Circuit Courts called to say that “the transcripts were destroyed and taped over.”   Patricia Mitchell reported Assistant Prosecutor Lynn Buday’s “Obstruction of Justice” act to the Michigan’s Attorney General’s Office, after Assistant Prosecutor Lynn Buday “taped over” intentionally “Destroyed Evidence,” of ALL the Court Transcripts from the Five Day Reverse Custody Trial, which revealed that Lynn Buday represented Patricia Mitchell as the FIT mother to receive full custody. Both Lynn Buday and Traverse City Courts were “FINED,” By the Michigan States Attorney Generals Office, due to the Obstruction of Justice committed by Lynn Buday, she was suspended from her job and moved to the next county, Kalkaska, and ran for a Judge position, where she is a Judge to this day.

#2. The Ombudsman Office did an internal investigation, and found Significant Negligence and Errors” and “Gross Misconduct” were committed by Grand Traverse City Courts and Traverse City CPS in Patricia Mitchell Termination Trial. Patricia sent her FILE to Congressman Jason Allen who Represented Traverse City County, Congressman Allen forwarded the File to the Children’s Ombudsman Office, Echoing the Attorney Generals evaluation, discovered “Gross Misconduct” and “Significant Negligence and Errors.  However, Ombudsman Office stated their Office only had authority to investigate; they regretfully had no authority to reverse the Termination Trial Court’s decision.

#3. FIRST CONFLICT of INTEREST: The CPS caseworker who wrote out the initial Petition against Patricia  Mitchell was a colleague of Carolyn Spencer, Patricia’s sister.   Carolyn Spencer had been hired by CPS, as a Family First caseworker, only weeks prior to this incident. Carolyn Spencer and Patricia were not on speaking terms at the time of their reunion in Michigan. Carolyn Spencer insisted that a Petition be file against her sister Patricia Mitchell. However, the CPS caseworker Diane Butterflied testified in court that she did not agree with Carolyn Spencer, due to the fact that Patricia had a clean record.

#4. SECOND CONFLICT of INTEREST: At Patricia’s Mitchell’s trial to terminate her parental rights, the Court Appointed attorney Brett Baird who was assigned to the mother/Patricia was having an affair with the Assistant to the Assistant Prosecutor.  Attorney Brett Baird and his lover Attorney X were in the Court Room together on opposite sides, during the proceedings of Patricia Mitchell’s trial that took her Parental Rights away.

#5. CRIMINAL MISCHIEF AND INTENTIONAL CRUELTY: Carolyn Spencer used “Criminal Mischief” and “Intentional Cruelty” to separate Patricia Mitchell and her child Jasiah Bonsell. Under the Federal Constitutional Law “The Color of Law #1983”: When a State Employeeabuses their authority’  for personal gain or using their position to target another, ‘such as a personal vendetta,’  the State Employee shall be held responsible.   Michigan State Employee, Family First caseworker, Carolyn Spencer, abused her authority, using false allegations, made bogus implications to CPS and the Courts, bogus accusations to CPS and the Courts, and made fraudulent police complaints, without supporting evidence. Carolyn Spencer used “Intentional Cruelty,” “Criminal Mischief,” “Inflammatory Slander,” while an employee of the State Agency Family First, against her sibling Patricia Mitchell, resulting in the termination of Patricia Mitchell’s parental rights, and permanently victimizing her daughter, Jasiah Rose Bonsell. Furthermore, Carolyn Spencer received “personal gain,” both in currency and the child herself.   Spencer registered as a ‘foster parent,” thus receiving financial monthly gain/income from the State. Spencer furthered her crusade against Patricia and her daughter Jasiah Bonsell, by registering Patricia’s child fraudulently as a “Special Needs” child, therefore, receiving twice as much money per month than the regular foster parent.

#6. NO HEARING OR TRIAL: Patricia Mitchell lost custody of her child to the father, Paul Bonsell aka “Brian” aka “SonnyWITHOUT a Hearing or Trial. The Judgment was signed by Judge Powers in the hallway of the Grand Traverse County Court House. It states in this document that the judgment was signed in a Session,” when in fact it was signed in the hallway of the TC court house, with no one present except for the Family First worker, Kathy Prichard (a colleague Carolyn Spencer) and a Family Court caseworker X, who were both insisting that the child be given to the father. This was under the request and insistence of Carolyn Spencer. NO HEARING or Trial was presented that allowed the Courts to hear the history of Sonny/ Paul/Brian’s Bonsell’s living conditions and criminal or violent history. Nor did the Courts hear any reason to transfer custody to Sonny Bonsell from the mother Patricia Mitchell.

#7.  GROSS MISCONDUCT AND ‘SEVERE NEGLIGENCE.  Jasiah Rose Bonsell was taken from her sound and loving mother, who had an apartment and was working, and ordered by Traverse City Courts to live with the unfit father. Sonny Bonsell, the father, was living in a broken down school bus that was situated on the property of Don Nelson, who lived in a trailer next to the bus. Don Nelson was a twice convicted Sex Offender, who was on probation at the time that stated “No Contact with Children.”  The father of the child, Jasiah Bonsell, “Sonny” aka Paul aka Brian Bonsell, was given Full Custody of the child through the recommendations of Carolyn Spencer and colleague CPS caseworker Kathy Prichard. Bonsell who had three false identifications, including two false driver licenses, was a 25 year old 10th grade dropout and a chronic alcoholic and pot smoker, with a criminal record. The Courts deemed his chronic alcoholism as “functional alcoholic.” Bonsell also had an extensive violent history of assault charges and convictions, an EXTENSIVE criminal record background in more than three states, numerous convictions, a FBI number, and his driver’s license was revoked from multiple DUI’s, at the time of receiving full custody. Bonsell lived in a broken down school bus, next door to a twice convicted Sex Offender. 


All this evidence was known to CPS at the time CPS recommended that Bonsell received full custody of this child. However, CPS concealed the evidence from the Courts by NOT having a Hearing or even a Session, thus ensuring that Bonsell receive full custody. CPS removed the child from the healthy, well-educated, profoundly fit mother, who was 31, and had a history of high achievement and success for over ten years in New York City, whereas Bonsell had a recent 37 page criminal rap sheet, including violent crimes, See Detective Mead’ Report, can be found in the Leland Police Station. Patricia has a copy.

CPS also had full knowledge of Don Nelson’s history. After the unjust custody transfer, Patricia Mitchell pleaded desperately to the Judge to take her child out from that life threatening hazardous environment. Patricia Mitchell pleaded “Your Honor, Don Nelson is a convicted Child Molester, please your honor.” Patricia’s words were quickly shut down by CPS caseworker X, who stood to correct this mother’s desperate pleas. Caseworker X said, “Your Honor, Don Nelson is NOT a child molester, he’s a Sex Offender, there is a difference.” Patricia Mitchell responded by saying, “Your Honor, Nelson’s subjects were children, and Nelson is on Probation as we speak. And his Probation states “No Contact with children.” Caseworker XXX responded, ” Your Honor, what is a Sex Offender going to do to a baby?   Nevertheless, Michigan CPS never did take Patricia Mitchell’s child from the horrifically inconceivable environment.

#8. GROSS MISCONDUCT & SEVERE NEGLIGENCE.  Michigan State Children Protective Services,  knowingly and with intentional cruelty NEVER removed Jasiah Rose Bonsell (Patricia Mitchell’s child) from the school bus, away from Don Nelson, a twice Convicted Sex Offender, or from the father Bonsell’s life-threatening lifestyle & environment.


#9. COURT-ORDERED VISITATIONS NOT HONORED/CONTEMPT OF COURT.   After Bonsell received Full Custody, Patricia Mitchell, mother of the child, was given weekend visitations every other week. Paul Bonsell began to feel invincible and decided not to honor MS Mitchell’s Court Order visitations.  Grand Traverse City Courts, grotesquely and boldly ignored MS Patricia’s Court Order Visitation.  Both Bonsell and CPS were in Contempt of Court for not allowing Mitchells Court appointed visitations.  Bonsell was now friends with the CPS caseworker, and following Carolyn Spencer’s and Virgline Mitchell’s malicious agenda. Patricia Mitchell was being railroaded by this small town’s Courts and CPS, on a scale rarely ever seen. CPS caseworkers Darlene Butterfield and Paul Bonsell were never held responsible for being in Contempt of Court.   Patricia Mitchell reported these actions to the Probate Supervisor, which resulted in CPS caseworker Darlene Butterfield being transferred off this CPS case.   In this small town ‘the State was Carolyn Spencer’ in a room with another CPS caseworker calling ALL the shots, deliberately placing Patricia Mitchell’s baby in a dangerous environment, with the intentional cruelty.

#10: INTENTIONAL  FRAUDULENT CLAIM BY DR WAYNE SIMMONS PSYCHOLOGICAL TEST/attempting to appease CPS, And Carolyn Spencer’s false accusation that had NO grounds or bases: Dr. Wayne V. Simmons, who was employed by CPS/the State, saw Ms. Mitchell for the required ten-minute interview. Ms. Mitchell took a standardized State test that included general questions such as: a.) Have you ever seen yourself in a magazine? b.) Have you ever seen yourself on television? c.) Do you have any famous friends? Ms. Mitchell had been a fashion model and actress in New York City and lived all over the world for ten years, so the truthful answer was “Yes”; however, in this standardized test, “Yes” was the incorrect answer. Ms. Mitchell was concerned about answering the question truthfully, as she knew “the “wrong answer was ‘yes.”

Patricia asked Simmons how to respond and he told her to “just tell the truth” and she did. The next day Dr. Simmons reported to CPS that Mitchell had scored low on her test and stated “She believes that she was a model and actress”; she “believes that she lived in New York City,” etc., implying she was delusional and not telling the truth

The following day Ms. Mitchell brought in several magazines with herself in the magazines as a fashion model; VHS tapes of her acting, and her college degree, with a 3.7 GPA to Dr. Simmons.   Simmons was stunned to learn that Mitchell had in fact been telling the truth. DR Wayne Simmons had been prepped by Carolyn Spencer/(Family First Case worker) insisting that Patricia was some how mentally unfit, suggesting that Patricia was delusional, with giving ‘Cause’ or reason.  But then Dr. Simmons became very casual and said his written account/report to CPS would not count against her as an unfit parent, unless he was subpoenaed to the Court.

#11. FALSE INFORMATION UNDER OATH: On January ________, under a subpoena from The Grand Traverse Court and in the case to terminate Patricia Mitchell’s parental rights, Simmons went under oath and began to read his original report, telling the jury that Patricia Mitchell scored low on her psychological exam. Therefore, Dr. Simmons knowingly gave false information to the Court and Jury, which resulted in Patricia Mitchell’s parental rights being terminated. Everyone in the Court room knew Patricia Mitchell was above average in both career and social status, and held honorable achievements, except the Jury. Patricia spoke out of turn and pleaded with the Judge to be given permission to represent herself, but the Judge Refused.

#12. GRAND TRAVERSE COURTS KNOWINGLY USED FRAUDULENT EVIDENCE TO TERMINATE PATRICIA MITCHELL’S PARENTAL RIGHTS. All three CPS petitions against Patricia Mitchell were dismissed and proven fraudulent in Probate Court. The First Petition was based on a DUI. Caseworker Darlene Butterfield later stated in Court that the first petition would have never been written up for one DUI. Patricia did not even have a traffic violation before the DUI, and had no criminal record, if it wasn’t for caseworker/sister Carolyn Spencer’s and Virgline Mitchell’s insistence of a petition against Patricia Mitchell. Petitions two and three originated solely from Carolyn Spencer and Paul Bonsell, and were both found 100% fraudulent, Grotesquely untrue. All three CPS allegations were proven 100% false in Probate Courts and the Petitions were DISMISSED. HOWEVER, ALL three CPS Petitions were used against Patricia Mitchell as evidence to terminate her parental rights.

From the first false CPS Petition, through to the second, and third petition, Patricia Mitchell was forced to represent herself and child since she lacked proper knowledge of the court rules and laws.  There were no ‘Hearings,’ prior to the transfer of custody to the father.  Patricia all alone represented herself in the aftermath that followed when Bonsell received Full Custody.

#13. REFUSAL TO RECOGNIZE CUSTODY MOTION. Patricia Mitchell filed a Motion with the Town Clerk in Pro-Bono to request a Hearing for reverse custody after the father was convicted and sentenced to several months in jail on 13 different accounts of fraud, robbery, thief four months after receiving full custody of the childThe child, was returned to the mother. However, the TC courts allowed the father, Bonsell, to legally hold on to his full custody status during his jail sentence.


Patricia Mitchell was relentlessly turned away by the Traverse City Courts, as she made attempts to file in pro-bono a Motion for Reverse Custody.  The Towns Clerk told her that the Prosecutor would not allow ‘the Town Clerk’ to accept Patricia Mitchell’s Motion until the father was out of jail.  During this period Ms. Mitchell filed two motions requesting an “Emergency Ex’ Parte Motion Hearing” in Pro Bono, with the Town Clerks. The TC Courts ignored Mitchell’s Plea to File.

Bonsell was released from jail after serving more than three months in jail.  Bonsell, penniless, jobless, homeless, and with a revoked driver’s license, came to live temporarily with Patricia Mitchell, who was working, had an apartment, and had physical, but not legal, custody of their child.  Bonsell was allowed to stay in a spare room.

Patricia Mitchell was providing food and shelter for Bonsell and their child for over two months.  Regardless of her kindness in taking him in and providing for him, Bonsell decided to move out, taking the child with him. He left without taking a coat for her, without a bottle, diapers, or even formula for the child’s basic needs.

#14. UNWARRENTED KIDNAPPING CHARGES. Patricia Mitchell was arrested for “kidnapping” after she refused to give her child back to Bonsell. Sunday night and after a weekend visitation Patricia Refused to give her child back to Bonsell knowing he still lived in that School bus, it was November 35 degrees in Michigan, no heat and no running water, with Don Nelson, in a life threatening environment for a baby. NOTE: Bonsell used an open propane tank with small flames exposed setting in the hall way of his bus to heat the bus. extremely dangerous for anyone, unthinkable for a baby just learning to walk.

The police intervened and ordered the child back with Bonsell, because he still had full custody, while Patricia was unjustly held at the police station in shackles; an Officer held the baby and waited at the police station for the twice-convicted sex offender Don Nelson (who was on Probation) to drive Bonsell to the police station to pick up the baby. (Bonsell could not drive, licenses was revoked from numerous DUI’s)

Patricia was released within an hour, and the “kidnapping” charge against Patricia Mitchell was “Dismissed.”  (After Virgline Mitchell heard the Judge state the maximum sentence, 5 years, for this charge of kidnapping, and even though the charge was immediately dismissed within minutes, Virgline told estranged family members and relatives that Patricia was going to prison for five years, Virgline Mitchell and Carolyn Spencer continued their devious efforts at discrediting and sabotaging Patricia.

The State would later use this ‘arrest for kidnapping‘ and others like it (acts of protecting her child) as additional leverage to terminate Patricia Mitchell’s parental rights. The State would later refer to this and other unjust arrests that were dismissed as evidence of “a history of criminality,” intentionally using Patricia Mitchell’s actions of protecting her child as evidence to terminate her parental rights.  Patricia Mitchell did not even have a traffic violation prior to entering this county a year ago. 

BELOW are photographs of Jasiah, feeling Healthy, Confident and Happy, once again back in her mothers arms and care. During a 5 month period of peace, when Bonsell was in jail and the two month period after Bonsell was out of jail, and living off  Patricia in her spare bed room, However Patricia remained full caregiver to her child. UNTIL one day Bonsell took Jasiah back to live in the Bus on Nelson’s property.

img098 copy

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#15. POSTPONEMENT OF CUSTODY VERDICT IN FAVOR OF PATRICIA MITCHELL: The five day Trial proceeded as Assistant Prosecutor Lynn Buday argued against Bonsell’s hired attorney and the Guardian of Light in behalf of the Mother receiving full custody.  On the fifth day Patricia Mitchell won full custody of her child. However, that same Friday afternoon, within the hour, Carolyn Spencer and Virgline Mitchell hired attorney Debra Lynch and filed a Motion to Intervene to have the child be placed permanently into state custody.  Assistant Prosecutor Lynn Buday (overwhelmed) placed the Reverse Custody Verdict on hold, and all parties motions in a freeze, thus postponing the return of Patricia Mitchell’s child and then allowing the Grandparents to take the child out of State for four months. At this time, Lynn Buday abruptly stopped communicating with the Patricia Mitchell

#16. GRANDPARENTS IN CONTEMPT OF COURT: Desperate to save her child’s life from a dangerous, life-threatening environment, At the beginning of the Reverse Custody Trial Patricia Mitchell filed in Pro-Bono, a Motion to place the child into “Neutral Territory,” with the child’s grandparents as having Temporary Guardianship; with the Magistrate at the Reverse Custody Trial. Although there was still a high risk involving the unstable grandparents, Patricia considered this the lesser of two evils, believing it only be a couple of weeks at most before she would receive full custody.  See Ref # ________

At a Hearing at a later date, however, this action by the mother was overlooked and down played as the grandparents refused to allow the child’s mother and their daughter, Patricia, to have her Court Ordered visitation. This placed Jim and Virgline Mitchell in direct violation of a Court-Ordered visitation; both grandparents were in Contempt of Court.

Patricia Mitchell went back to the courts pleading for her Court Ordered Visitation, but neither the court nor assistant prosecutor Lynn Buday respond; at the same time, no Hearing was scheduled to hold the grandparents accountable. (The courts and authority in this county were making up rules as they went along, and breaking and disrespecting the laws and rules that they were trusted by the state and citizens to enforce.

For the next five months Patricia Mitchell was denied her court ordered visitations. During these months the mother had no legal representation.  Jim and Virgline Mitchell proceeded to take the child ‘out of State’ to Florida for 4 months, which caused months of Contempt of Court and prevented the mother’s (and father’s) court-ordered visitations.  

Five months later, the mother was able to have the first visit with her child at the Family First building, which is an affiliate CPS.   Her child was unrecognizable. She had lost 4 pounds. The little girl was significantly smaller and her head had deep indentations on both sides. Her ears stuck out from her skull, and she was covered with hundreds of untreated blistering bug bites. The mother pulled out her camera to take a photograph of her child; CPS/Family First confiscated the camera, refusing to allow the mother to take photographs of her child in that alarming state. When Patricia got back to her car, she went into physical shock, shaking uncontrollably, her teeth chattering by their own accord, and she began to vomit.

#17.  TERMINATION PETITION WITHOUT INCIDENT. Three weeks later the Assistant Prosecutor Lynn Buday filed a Termination Petition against the mother and the father without incident. Buday went from representing the mother as the “fit parent” to receive full custody, (at the 5-day Reverse Custody trial) to filing a petition to have her (and Bonsell’s) parental rights permanently terminated.

During those months Buday placed the Reverse Custody verdict on hold, the mother had no contact with her child since the child had been taken out of state to Florida by the grandparents. Therefore, Assistant Prosecutor Lynn Buday went from representing the mother (Patricia Mitchell) in a 5-day trial, to Filing a Petition to Terminate her parental rights, WITHOUT incident, and WITHOUT having contact with her child.

#18.   NO GROUNDS TO TERMINATE PARENTAL RIGHTS: Without anyone in that town of Traverse City honoring Patricia’s Mitchell Court Ordered visitation, and after seeing the state in which her child was in, Patricia’s was more desperate then ever and choose to go get help and support in New York City.  In her absence Mitchell received a court-appointed attorney, Brett Baird.  Patricia Mitchell was told on the phone by Baird “not to worry,” that the Petition was an act of frustration by Lynn Buday made against Patricia’s entire family; Patricia was also told by her court attorney that the State had NO GROUNDS to terminate her Parental Rights and that the State also had several legal obligations, such as a series of parenting classes and programs, to fulfill before the Courts could terminate her parental rights. Patricia Mitchell was never offered the State mandatory parenting classes and programs that were required by law prior to terminating any parent’s parental rights. Patricia Mitchell was not told or notified or contacted by TC Courts or informed by her court appointed attorney that a termination trial was even scheduled, even though Patricia contacted her court appointed attorney by phone twice a day.  Brett Baird said nothing about a trial to terminate her rights! Patricia Mitchell was finally told about the trial after the trial was in progress.

Patricia flew out on the first plane to Traverse City Michigan. Patricia was never told that by leaving the State to get help and support from her friends in New York, that the CPS could claim grounds for “Abandonment” to terminating of her parental rights. (Keep in mind as well that there were no incidents, accusations or allegations in which Ms. Mitchell had neglected or abused her child, nor was she ever charged or arrested for such a claim.)

#19. UNAUTHORIZED, UNNECESSARY SURGERY ON PATRICIA MITCHELL’S CHILD. The State of Michigan operated on Patricia’s child, Jasiah Rose Bonsell four times, without it being a life threatening situation; the surgery was depicted as an “elective surgery.”  The first surgery occurred before MS Mitchell lost her parental rights after Patricia Mitchell went back to New York City to request financial and emotional support.  Mitchell pleaded with her court appointed attorney for CPS not to go through with the surgery, as her child’s birthmark was not a life-threatening situation.  Nevertheless, CPS scheduled the surgeries on the toddler due to her birthmark, Hemangioma, which is not life-threatening. 

Patricia Mitchell quoted the State law to her appointment attorney, which states that “CPS was not allowed to operate on a child in State Custody unless there was a life-threatening situation.”  MS Mitchell then pleaded to CPS through her court appointed attorney that if they insisted on operating on her child that she be allowed to be with her child while she went through this unnecessary surgery. CPS would not allow MS Mitchell to be present at the time of these surgeries. The surgery was regarded by Dr_________Jasish Bonsell’s birth doctor and Dr. Cindi ________her pediatrician, as “unnecessary” and “if surgery was done, could leave the child permanently paralyzed due a stroke, or death.

#20. FINANCIAL MOTIVES BEHIND “ELECTIVE SURGERY” ON PATRICIA MITCHELL’S CHILD. Carolyn Spencer persuaded her CPS colleagues to ask the CPS doctors to recommend surgery on the toddler, so the child could be registered as a “special needs” child.  The State gives significantly larger monthly checks to foster parents or guardians willing to foster a child with “Special Needs.” Spencer’s monthly check went from $700 a month to foster Patricia’s child to $1,400 a month, after she had the unnecessary surgeries and after registering Patricia’s healthy child as a “Special Needs” child.  To keep the “Special Needs” checks coming years after the surgery, the Spencers held back Patricia’s extremely smart child.  Although Jasiah Bonsell was a bright child, talking at 2 years of age and was read books to by her mother every day, the child stopped talking for two years after she was separated from her mother.

#21.  MITCHELL & BONSELL’S SEPARATE CASES were TRIED TOGETHER: The Grand Traverse County Courts merged the cases of the mother and the father together as one entity, but Patricia Mitchell and Bonsell were never married had never lived together as a couple with the child.  The cases were merged into One Petition and one trial to terminate both of their parental rights, yet the mother and father had never raised the child together as a couple, and always lived separately.

#22. NO FOUNDATION OF TRUTH AND FALSE ACCUSATIONS:    She did not know anyone in that town or State, (except for the estranged family members who were conflict with her since she was a child). Therefore, Patricia had no support system to verify her history.  MS Mitchell’s accuser had personal vendettas against her – she was successful unlike her accusers, living in another State, and had worked professionally in seven countries for more than 10 years, yet this estranged family with alternative motives were speaking to the authorities as if they knew the mother’s history (even though she had not lived under the same roof with her family for over 15 years) Carolyn Spencer & Virgline Mitchell fed CPS lies that had no basis in truth.

#23.  NO WITNESSES ON MOTHER’S BEHALF/A ONE-SIDED TRIAL. Patricia Mitchell was not given one witness to testify on her behalf at the Termination Trial.  Patricia Mitchell pleaded in tears with her court appointed attorney to place several witnesses on the stand, including several officers, doctors and therapists; her court appointed attorney, Brett Baird, shouted at her in the court hallway, “subpoenas cost money and you do not havany money!” Therefore, no witnesses testified in behalf of mother Patricia Mitchell. The entire Trial was one sided.

#24.  VIRGILINE & JIM MITCHELL DEEMED “MENTALLY INCOMPETENT” BY THE TRAVERSE CITY COURTS. Lynn Buday countered in court that Patricia’s parents’ incompetence did not matter because “It did not matter if the grandparents were mentally incompetent because they are not on Trial and they are not trying to get custody of this child.”  At the same time, the courts had honored Virgline Mitchell’s false, slandering allegations and testimony against her daughter in the courtroom, regardless of Virgline being deemed “mentally incompetent.” (See Termination Trial transcripts.)

Mother Patricia Mitchell pleas and prays to Michigan State’s Governor to Pardon respectful citizen & mother Patricia Mitchell for having to pay the consequences of Michigan State’s “significant errors,” legal violations, including “Tampering with Evidence” “Obstruction of Justice” “Malicious Gross Misconduct” and “Conflicts of Interests” that were evident in her CPS case and in the Traverse City Courts that permanently separated mother, Patricia Mitchell, and her child, Jasiah Rose Bonsell. 


BIO:   A longtime child advocate, Patricia Mitchell is the founder of ‘Patricia’s Children’ a non-profit organization devoted to empowering children and parents who have become unjustly separated. She presents her child advocacy research and analysis at conferences, workshops, and events across the country, working with universities, State Legislatures, and other groups to reform today’s Child Protective Services system. A former Michigan State Champion in children’s storytelling, she was recently invited to speak in front of both the Michigan House of Representatives’ ‘Family Children and Seniors Committee’ and the Michigan Governor’s Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect.

Patricia spent a decade as a fashion model, working in seven countries. A United Nations Mini Ambassador for Children, she has served AIDS-stricken children in Tanzania since 2000, and is currently planning a trip to Jordan to lend her services to the millions of Syrian children now living in Jordanian refugee camps. She is a classically trained actress in the Theater, Film & TV as well as a  child/baby Wrangler for film, TV, and print. She is also a professional photographer, with a focus on photojournalism, children, and babies.

Patricia is both a practicing Catholic and a Zen Buddhist who has belonged to the Zen Mountain Monastery and the Dalai Lama’s Menla Mountain Retreat Center for more than ten years. She regularly provides inspirational self-help workshops and will have a spiritually-driven self-help book published at the end of 2016.

Patricia holds a B.A. in Communications, and has attended Colorado College and King’s College in London. She currently lives in New York State.


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