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Remembering to Breathe

This piece was submitted to our 100K STORIES PROJECT by an anonymous protective mom.

I have been a single parent twenty two years now. Single parenthood is filled with tears , loneliness, and holding my breath to survive on a shoe string budget. Buster our dog was colored blue, extreme teenage rebellion which included the police and more hospital stays then I can count are just a few off my lists of parenting. My life changed when I was in a horrific car crash at thirty two weeks pregnant. I called the ex from the back of the ambulance and he never came. I survived twenty five surgeries and my son seven since 2006. The ex left California in 2009 for Colorado and never looked back. The lawyer stole my settlement and I ended up on welfare. The dad contributed two packs of diapers, bottles, drop ins, and socks and called it a day before he left. I was broken emotionally and financially and physically so I moved back home to my fathers. I just went back to working last year and juggling multiple jobs since my ex has managed to skate by the OCDA and now Colorado DA. My son receives SSI now from the injuries he sustained in the crash. I was told by the OCDA I was lucky at least I received something.  Why does the legal system fail our kids? My ex uses his Jr’s social and changed his middle name and still driving around freely while his kids go without. Why does the government pay for deadbeat dads and their responsibilities? Why do we as mothers go without since we sure don’t let our children do? I have been called bitter and money hungry by his new woman. I have been told by the OCDA its Colorado’s job sorry we just have to wait. In the end this battle is for our children and I am his voice. I will not be silenced by this corrupt child support system.


4 responses to “Remembering to Breathe”

  1. Nancy Grobmyer says:

    We’re stronger than anyone even knows. Hugs

  2. How can we ALL come together as a whole to stop this? We need to organize in every single state and flood our legislators offices with phone calls, letters, and in person meetings until they listen, until they fix this! I am an active member of The Family Court Anticorruption Coalition and we are working hard every single day for change but we really need to bring ALL of these groups together to have the biggest impact. I will never stop fighting for protective parents and their children! I need to find out how to gather ALL of the victims and get this done! I am a protective mother and grandmother fighting for justice for my grown daughter and her three young children! If I hear one more thing from a fathers’ rights groups, I’m going to scream! This is a children’s rights issue! THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!

    • Meg Hillert says:

      My ex son in law destroyed our lives! He is a Domestic Abuser with joint custody constantly threatening my daughter to take full custody and controlling his kid’s minds! 6 and 9 year old in danger! He put me in jail for standing up and calling CPS but the good ole boys are protecting criminal behavior against women and children! It is an epidemic of child abuse in this country by the courts!

  3. Meg Hillert says:

    How do we as moms and grandmas fight against the mental and physiical abuse of our kids.

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