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Date Safe Project

Over the past decade, more attention is being given to dangerous sexual behavior among our youth and to the crime of sexual assault – mainly due to cases and news stories concerning celebrities, middle schools, high schools, college campuses, and the military. Unfortunately, the public debates arising from such prominent cases often lead to even greater misunderstandings of what consent means; how to teach safer understandings of intimacy to teenagers and young adults; how sexual assault is defined; and how to honor survivors of sexual assault / rape.

To help clear-up the various misconceptions about healthy dating, intimacy, consent, sex, respect, sexual assault, and honoring survivors, Mike Domitrz (author of May I Kiss You? A Candid Look at Dating, Communication, Respect, Sexual Assault Awareness, editor of Voices of Courage Inspiration from Survivors of Sexual Assault and creator of the award-winning DVD HELP! My Teen is Dating! Real Solutions to Tough Conversations) teamed up with educators, professionals, counselors, parents, administrators, students, military professionals, and experts from around the world to found The DATE SAFE Project, Inc..

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