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Smart-Girl is a prevention and enrichment program designed to engage girls in activities that develop their social-emotional skills. Smart-Girl gives girls the chance to think about and discuss the challenges they encounter and to formulate and practice appropriate and productive responses. Through this process, Smart-Girl nurtures girls’ social-emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills – qualities proven to lead to success in life.

Founded in 1998 by four dynamic women, Smart-Girl is a Colorado-based nonprofit organization that empowers pre-teen and teen girls to make smart choices and become confident, capable, self-reliant young women.  The Smart-Guy program prepares adolescent boys to make smart choices and grow into resilient, confident and upstanding young men.

Our proven program measurably enhances critical thinking skills, social-emotional intelligence, optimism and resilience in adolescents.  Near-peer mentors provide positive role models while guiding girls/boys through a curriculum that addresses peer pressure, bullying, body image, refusal skills, communication, leadership, friendship and other challenging topics.  Through games, art, discussions, projects and interactive exercises, adolescents learn how to discover, strive for and reach their highest potential.

With over a decade of experience, Smart-Girl has trained more than 1,100 peer mentors and Guides, and has worked with over 7,000 youth.





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