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An Unstoppable Force: Moms Making a Difference

If you’re a mama, you’re used to defying gravity (and logic) and bending the space-time continuum on a daily basis when it comes to keeping your kids happy and healthy. It’s part of the job description. It’s in your DNA.

Moms Fight Back celebrates you for your superhuman efforts at balancing the universe so that your kids don’t lose their equilibrium. Today, we’re sharing some stories about moms just like you who were faced with a decision, an issue, a challenge, or a trauma and decided to do something about it: Moms Making a Difference. Put all that super ability, and all that love that a mother has for her child, toward solving a problem and you’ve got an unstoppable force!

Moms Making a Difference

Mom Starts ‘My Circle of Girls’ Support and Play Group for Young Autistic Girls

Last month the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that one in 68 children now has autism, up from the previous estimate of one in 88.

The numbers, based on health and education records for 8-year-olds in 11 states, show the disorder is four and a half times more prevalent among boys (one in 42) than girls, (one in 198).

Three years ago when mom Dawn Dudley learned her daughter Trinity (then 2) was Autistic she was stunned, confused, and felt left in the dark. Not willing to navigate this new territory without support for herself and her little girl, Dawn discovered there was nothing in the way of a support or play group for herself and her child. As a result, she was inspired to start My Circle of Girls.

The group, described on it’s Facebook page as A social & service group for girls living with autism ages 2-6. Created to encourage its members to build life long relationships & a network for parents. provides a fun and playful environment where the girls can dance, play and connect while parents share information, anecdotes, and most importantly: support. The group also holds

Dawn’s hopes for the group are simple: she hopes that little Trinity will make a friend.

To learn more about My Circle of Girls, located in Durham, North Carolina visit the My Circle of Girls Facebook group.


Mom Starts ‘Life Over Fashion’ Campaign to End Youth Violence After Her Son Was Murdered for a Pair of Sneakers

The ‘Life Over Fashion‘ website shares this message, front and center: Joshua Woods was only 22 years old when he was shot and killed…over a pair of Air Jordan shoes. No mother or family should lose their loved one over their sneakers. Shoes, clothes, and jewelry come and go, but a human life is irreplaceable. Are you going to let this story go unheard? Or will you take a stand and let your voice be heard?

Dazie Williams, the mother of Joshua Woods, an innocent victims killed for his Nike Air Jordan shoes started the Life Over Fashion campaign and petition to try to put an end to the violence over high-demand, high-end clothing, shoes, and jewelry among young people.

On her website, Dazie writes:

“My son Joshua and his friend were robbed at gun point on December 21, 2012. The suspects demanded the Air Jordan shoes they had just purchased. Unfortunately my son was shot and killed that day.”

Dazie’s anger at her son’s death led her to seek information. That research led her to the discovery that brands, manufacturers, and stores hold back inventory on highly coveted items in order to increase demand. This, she believes fuels the fires of violence that led to the death of her son as well as numerous others all over the world.

To learn more about Life Over Fashion and help support Daize’s cause, visit the Facebook page.


Mom Creates ‘The Addict’s Mom’ to Help Mothers Like Herself Who Have Children Addicted to Drugs

Barbara Theodosiou, founder of The Addict’s Mom – a national organization dedicated to helping mothers of addicts shared her story earlier this year with Maria Shriver. She explained: Six years ago my life was turned upside down; I discovered my two older sons were using drugs. For months I felt this isolation, desperation and unbearable heartache. I couldn’t function, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t work; all I did was focus and fixate on my two sons. My family suffered, my friendships suffered, I even walked away from a very successful business. Nothing was as important as being with my sons, but I was so confused, so alone and so full of pain; my life fell apart. It would take me some time to put my thoughts and my life back together again. (To read the full story, click here.)

In her article, Barbara goes on to explain that as she wrestled with the thoughts of ‘Why?’ and wondered if she could be the only mom struggling with this issue the idea for ‘The Addict’s Mom’ was born. She says:

It was through my own desperation, heartache and pain that the idea for The Addict’s Mom took form. I decided if no one would reach out to me, I would reach out to them.

The Addict’s Mom has been going strong now for 6 years and has grown into a thriving Facebook group with local chapters all across the nation. Using social media, Google Hangouts and now 10 national grassroots support groups across the United States The Addict’s Mom encourages personal change and healing by empowering the mothers of addicts through awareness and education.

Learn more about The Addict’s Mom by visiting the website and the Facebook Group.


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