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Wearable Technology to Help Keep Kids Safe

While it is not healthy to live in fear or to constantly be worrying about “what ifs,” when our kids are out of sight, with today’s innovative wearable technology, we can take little steps to help keep our kids safer and to help us stay informed about where they are and what they are doing. Today we are featuring four different wearable technologies that can serve as useful and protective gear when our kids are away from us.

ATT’s FiLIP 2 GPS Watch
The FiLIP is specifically designed for kids 5 – 11 years old. This colorful wristwatch serves multiple purposes with GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular technology. According to ATT’s website, “FiLIP is a reliable way for parents and children to stay connected and for parents to know where their child is. Peace of mind, without the worries of a Smartphone.” The site also explains that the FiLIP requires the iOS/Android smartphone app. The technology enables parents to call their kids, create Safe Zones and also send text messages.


FiLIP Smart Locator

Additional Wristband

Replacement USB Starport Charging Cable

Cost/ Where to buy:

Order at AT&T – Regular price: $99-$149.99 + $10 AT&T DataConnect for Smart Locators – No Contract


Tinitell is a single-button wristphone for kids that works with any GSM SIM card or the Tinitell app on iOS/Android phones. Durable and with GPS functionality and voice recognition, this wristphone was designed to keep track of where kids are in an unobtrusive way. An article on explains, “This connected wearable doesn’t have a screen on the device itself, with just a hardware button to activate the interface, and voice recognition to summon a particular contact.” Founder Mats Horn shared why he invented this device, “I loved being outside when I was a kid… This led me to think there should be a simple mobile phone for kids, nothing advanced, just a nicely designed speaker and microphone to handle quick ‘hellos’ and ‘come heres’.

Tinitell wristphone


iOS/Android Tinitell app

Cost/where to buy:
Preorder for: $129-$199 (Not shipped until April 2015)


The HereO watch may be the smallest GPS-tracking device available but that is because it is specifically tailored for young children. This comes with the Family Location app that allows users to view where the entire family is located and communicate in one app. Serving as a comprehensive solution, this technology provides real-time location information, safezone alerts, check-in and broadcast messages.

Child GPS Watch

Family Location App

Cost/Where to buy:
Preorder for $149 with 3 month subscription included. Thereafter a $4.95 monthly fee applies. (Estimated delivery December 2014.)


Cuff Safety Jewelry
According to, the idea behind Cuff is that young ladies and women may want to have a wearable that does not look like an activity band or a men’s watch. The Cufflinc is a Bluetooth device that can be placed into a variety of accessories such as a pendant, bracelet, keychain, etc. The Cuff’s primary use is for notifications, activity tracking and safety. The Cufflinc can be used to send safety alerts to designated “first responders,” in the case of an emergency – providing an SOS notification and your location with a touch of a button. The technology can also alert you if someone important is calling/texting or if you have left your phone behind.



Cuff jewelry

Bluetooth 4.0

Compatible with Android and iOS

Cuff app

Cost/Where to buy:

Preorder online

Basic package: $49

Single Cuff: $29-$59

Cuff Jewelry: $29-$119

Mirrored Charging Jewelry Box: $49-$99


The above products are only a sampling of the available solutions. As the wearable technology demand continues to grow, we are confident that the variety of options will also increase. Whether you are looking for a basic GPS tracker, or if you are looking for a simplified cell-phone replacement, there are many solutions available for your children’s safety needs. Should you decide to invest in a wearable technology, be sure that both you and your child are very educated on how to use it – both for regular check-ins and emergency situations.

Wearable Technology to Help Keep Kids Safe



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